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Bangin Headlights vs Stock Headlights

Use the slider below to see what you can expect when you upgrade your existing headlights to Bangin Headlights.

Bangin Headlights
Halogen Sealed Beam

Note: For this comparison we ran halogens directly off the battery giving them an unfair advantage over the Bangin Headlights that were running through the car's 60 year old wiring harness!

This is similar to what a relay would do. It goes to show that a relay may make a halogen headlight perform to the best of its capability, but even at its best a stock halogen sealed beam is no match for a Bangin Headlight.

And even though it is so much brighter, the Bangin headlight (35w) actually has a smaller draw than the halogen (55w)! So you don't need relays. Just disconnect your old headlight, plug in the new headlight and enjoy the brightness.


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