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We have answered your most frequently asked questions here. If there's anything else you would like to know, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by instagram or email.


Q - Will your lights fit my car?
A - Yes! We have not yet met a car that we could not fit.

Q - Will I need to modify my car to fit Bangin Headlights?
A - 
Possibly. Our lights are designed so that the lights themselves can be modified. In many cars (such as Mustangs and Fords) no adjustment is required to the car. However some cars such as Chevys have very shallow headlight buckets which require minor trimming.

Q - How much brighter are your headlights?
A - Twice as bright as halogens when measure by the light meter. However, to the naked eye the difference is like night and day.

Q - Are your headlights LED?
A – Yes

Q - What color is the LED?
A - Bangin Headlights is 4300K, which is a warm white color. We find this is very similar to the color of halogen and looks more suitable for classic cars compared with other modern LEDs which can be too white, almost blue.

Q - Where are Bangin Headlights made?
A – 
Bangin Headlights are made in Australia. Our workshop is in Perth, Western Australia.

Q - Are your lights legal & compliant?
A - Yes, our lights are ADR, DOT & E-Mark Compliant

Q - Are your headlights completely plug & play?
A - The basic headlight is completely plug & play! The halos and demon eyes need some basic extra wiring.

Q - Can I install your headlights myself?
A - Yes, it is a fun & easy project. 30-60 minutes to do at home with basic tools.

Q - Will I need to modify my wiring?
A - No. Our basic headlight is completely plug and play. If you get halos or demon eyes, some extra wiring will be required. But it is a simple DIY job that many of our customers have done at home in less than an hour.

Q - Will I need to install relays?
A - No. Our headlights actually use less watts than the original halogens, so no relays required. Your new lights will be 100% brighter and your wiring/alternator will be happier.

Q - Will I need to install ballasts?
A - No

Q - Will I need to install driver module?
A - No

Q - Do your lights run on 12V and 6V?
A - We can provide a 6V to 12V convertor if your car is running 6 volts.

Q - Are your lights available for LHD Cars (left hand drive)?
A – Yes, we make lights with a LHD beam pattern

Q - Are your lights available for RHD Cars (right hand drive)?
A – Yes, we make lights with a RHD beam pattern

Q – Do your headlights have both low beam and high beam?
A – Yes

Q - Are your headlights halogen
A – No, our headlights are LED but we have tried to recreate the look and feel of old school halogens

Q - Do I need to buy bulbs separately?
A - No, our headlights come with all parts included.