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Headlights Halos & Options

Our basic headlight looks great and works great. But if you want a headlight that you can personalize, customize, make it extra...
That's where Bangin' Headlights really shines. Here are the 3 options we have available with every headlight.


A halo is a ring around the main headlight bulb. It can perform useful functions like daytime running lights (DRL) and integrated indicators.

It can also be completely cosmetic if you opt for our revolutionary RGB Color Changing Halo.

Blacked Out Headlights

Drive a stock car? You'll love our standard chrome headlights.

But drive a murdered out hunk of American muscle? You're gonna love our Black Headlights. Beast Mode Activated!

Demon Eyes

Add a demonic "eyeball" to your headlight!

Available in 5 vivid colors - red, green, blue, yellow, purples and white.

These really let you stamp your personality on your car!!

Standard Halo with Indicators

RGB Halo

66 Mustang Stock Looking LED Bangin Headlights Coming On Brightest Projector Technology H4 Plug and Play to Vintage Cars GIF

Bright Lighting

The main purpose of your headlights is to light up the road ahead of you and we have done our best to give you the ultimate lighting possible.

The above photo compares our headlight (left) to your stock halogen headlight (right)

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66 Mustang with stock classic LED Bangin Headlight

Classic Looks

Our headlight is a faithful recreation of your stock sealed-beam halogen.

The same curved lens, familiar "fresnel" pattern etched on real glass and even casting marks from the original moulds.

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65 Mustang with LED Halo DRL Bangin Headlights


Will Bangin' Headlights fit your car, do they come with halos, do you need to modify your wiring, will they help you see through brick walls???

All your frequently asked questions are answered right here!

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