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Bangin Headlights - Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (LHD)
LUIS G.M. (Mexico City, Mexico)
Car Model & Year: Mustang 66

Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (LHD)

Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (LHD)
Justin S. (Mississippi, United States)
Car Model & Year: 1972 Plymouth Valiant
The best headlight I’ve ever owned!

I absolutely LOVE my Bangin’ Headlights! The quality of the product is absolutely top tier! The customer service is unmatched! There was even a hand written thank you note in my package from the founder!

The halo is extremely bright and very crisp! The projector beam itself lights up the road as good as a brand new vehicles lights!

I have had the “generic eBay 7” halo projector light” and they are not even in the same ballpark as these Bangin Headlights!

I absolutely couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

Thanks so much Justin for the awesome review as well as all the photos, and all the best for Hot Rod Power Tour!!

‘Retro-Bright: Bangin Headlights’ LED Revolution for ‘65 Mustang’

As a car enthusiast and proud owner of a 65 Mustang Coupe, I can confidently say that the Bangin Headlights LED lights are a game changer. Not only did they upgrade the look of my ride, but the improved visibility during night-time drives is remarkable. Easy to fit and worth every penny, these lights have transformed my driving experience while retaining that essential retro vibe. If you’re still cruising in the dark with stock lights, these are a must-have upgrade!

Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (LHD)
Jerry S. (Mississippi, United States)
Car Model & Year: 1968 Ford Mustang
AMAZING Halo Headlights

These 7” halo switchback headlights are EASILY the best halos on the market. Super easy to install, easy to wire and the best part is its easy to see at night now!

Thanks for your review Jerry, the lights look great in your Mustang!! It always makes us happy when the lights are really helpful to guys who daily drive their classics or drive their car at night often.

Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (LHD)
O.R. (England, United Kingdom)
Car Model & Year: 1968 mustang
Best upgrade so far!

These headlights are simply brilliant. Before having these lights on my 68mustang I wouldn't drive me car in the dark, now It's the best time to enjoy it. Old school looks with modern brightness. Nothing else like it on the market.

Thanks Oliver, enjoy the night drives!!

Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (LHD)
Edgar A. (California, United States)
Car Model & Year: 1976 Datsun 280z
Best lights in the market

I considered on replacing my headlights to daily drive the Datsun since I first purchased the car .I looked at my options and was hesitant in which lights to get. Until I found your Instagram page. I knew I stumbled on a great product. I ordered them, and was impressed. They are the best lights in the market. I appreciate the care and attention to detail that was put in the making of these lights. From the moment they arrived and opened my package. You can tell they put in a lot of love and passion into making them. I love the fact that they are sealed beam and glass. Unlike other headlights made of plastic tend to yellow down the road. They’re bright and great quality. They look outstanding. I love my headlights! It makes daily driving my Datsun a lot easier. I’m definitely buying more headlights down the road.

Outstanding work George!

Best regards

Thanks so much for your review Edgar, we love the headlights in your Datsun!

Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (RHD)
Gray B. (New South Wales, Australia)
Car Model & Year: 1966 Mustang
Best upgrade by far!

I drive my 66 coupe everywhere, it’s my daily.
I wasn’t sure about changing out the stock headlights at first, but I’m so glad I did!

Not only are they gorgeous, but I’ve never felt more visible.
Using the halos as daytime running lights, and the indicators are amazing.
Throw in the demon eye for a little custom flare and these headlights cannot be beat.

I cannot get over the build quality either. So much better than I was expecting. Also worth mentioning the decrease current draw on these aging electrical systems. Always a win.

Great work George.
Amazing product.

Thanks so much Gray, we're happy that you're happy!

Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (LHD)
T.P. (New Mexico, United States)
Car Model & Year: 1966 Mustang

These are bangin' LED headlights! Went with the black, love em! Nice and bright! They plugged right into the stock connector. The plastic nubs to keep them in place needed to be trimmed so they were smaller and not so deep, and my chrome rings were really snug getting back on, but it's all good! They work and look great!

Thanks Todd, love the black headlights in you Mustang!

Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (LHD)
Todd B. (Illinois, United States)
Car Model & Year: 1970 Camaro
Very pleased

I want to express my pleasure. The product seems to be of the highest quality, the headlamps look great installed even when not illuminated. I am extremely excited to drive into cruise nights with Demon lights illuminated they look so cool.
Thank you for the well built product that was extremely user friendly.

Thank you Todd!! Your Camaro looks mint, we have just shared your photo to our socials.

Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (RHD)
Craig B. (Western Australia, Australia)
Car Model & Year: 1923 Ford Model-T Hotrod
Reccomended these RGB lights and the customer service was Fantastic

Thanks Bangin headlights for these awesome lights on my 1923 Hotrod. Not only are the lights much brighter but going to car shows has never been better being able to change the colours of the lights as we arrive people love it. Have had many comments on these lights. I highly Reccomended these lights and the customer service was Fantastic.

Thanks again


Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (LHD)
Cato O. (Oslo County, Norway)
Car Model & Year: 1939 Chevy coupe, Caddilac Northstar 4,6L 32V
they look realy good

i have just got them in to the shop, so i have not mount them in the car yet.

Thanks Cato!

Great Shirt for Car Shows

Love the shirt

Thanks Larry for taking the time to write a review!

Fender Protector
Larry M.K.

Great service and a quality product

Thanks Larry!

Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (LHD)
j.d. (California, United States)
Car Model & Year: 1971 mach 1
These things are awesome

TOTALLY changed the look of my already awesome car. Instal was easy with the help of the video I was sent, looks clean make a huge difference definitely recommend

Thanks for taking the time to write us a review James! We would love to see more pix of our headlights in your Mach 1 Mustang.

Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (LHD)
Morten F. (Oslo County, Norway)
Car Model & Year: 1936 Ford 3w

Absoultly Perfect customer treathment and profesional production and quality.

Thanks for such a positive review Morten, we would love to see photos of your old school Ford with our headlights!

Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (RHD)
Jeff S. (Western Australia, Australia)
Car Model & Year: 1992 Nissan Patrol
GQ Shorty headlights

For anyone in the four wheel drive game who owns a GQ patrol and is looking for some new headlights look no further then a set of 7” headlights from Bangin Headlights. I’ve owned 6 Gq patrols in the last four years and have had different lighting set ups, these being the best with lighting ouput and reliability as well as looks

They are sealed and waterproof so you can confidently smash through puddles and water without the worry of water or condensation build ups like in other products and most of all they are safe on the road once adjusted properly being able to see at night is something we all take for granted until you have a decent set of lights on. I enjoy driving the car more at night now then day time…then again the halo drl at daytime finishes it off.

I highly recommend these and George went above and beyond for me to install them for me as well. Couldn’t thank banging headlights enough and I highly recommend a set for not just a patrol but any classic car that has 7” headlights. Here’s some photos of the patrol with them as well as the red demon eyes that I chose for the centre piece of the lights

Thanks for such an awesome review Jeff! We are happy you are pioneering Bangin Headlights in the 4x4 community!

Much safer driving down the road

Gracias to Bangin Headlights for the new headlights. This things have been such a life saver!!!
The old halogens weren't even doing it, and it was becoming sketchy! But now not it's so much safer driving down the road!

Thanks Vince for your review, we are very happy you love your new headlights in your classic Chevy pickup truck!!

Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (LHD)
Murray (Western Australia, Australia)
Car Model & Year: 1971 VW Beetle 1600S

Thanks for your help in providing an excellent product George.
The name says it all “Bangin” and now night driving is a pleasure and not a chore. I can’t believe the transformation in both drivability and looks.

Thanks Murray, we think the headlights look great in your Beetle!!

Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (LHD)
Hunter S. (Illinois, United States)
Car Model & Year: 1964 Ford F100 panther swap
Made my old truck like new!

I've been running the 7in Bangin headlights with demon eyes and amber halos for a couple months in ny daily driven 1964 f100. They have not only improved the looks of the truck 100% but I also have 200x the field of view at night. I no longer have problems with night blindness, road lines no longer disappear when wet and my reaction window has tripled. Great quality and looks for a price that doesn't break the bank. The Bangin crew provided an extremely fast turnaround and great customer connection with all of my questions. I will be coming back for all of my future L.E.D. convervsions!

Thanks for such an awesome review Hunter, we are so happy to have improved your driving experience!

Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (LHD)
Wade K. (Queensland, Australia)
Bangin' Blew me away

Awesome product and quick delivery. The new lights are great makes a massive difference to nighttime driving plus I can actually see the road in front of me.

Thanks so much for your review Wade, glad you're loving the headlights in your mustang!!

Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (LHD)
Vince C. (California, United States)
Car Model & Year: 1968 Ford Mustang coupe
Best headlights available

These headlights make night-time turn into day!! The entire area in front of the vehicle is lit up. Without question the best 7 inch headlights you can buy!

Thank your for your review Vince, and for taking our headlights directly from our workshop in Australia to a dragstrip in California!

Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (LHD)
Stephen R. (Victoria, Australia)
Car Model & Year: Holden HR 1966
Bangin HR

Looks and perform beyond expectations. Well done guys

Thanks so much for your review Stephen, your Holden is looking great!

Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (LHD)
Bill T. (Canterbury, New Zealand)
Customer Service

Absolutely excellent after sales service.
Email inquiry sent and telephone response came within five minutes.
A very happy customer

Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (LHD)
Jorge S. (California, United States)
Car Model & Year: Ford Mustang 1965

Awesome headlights

Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (LHD)
Seth B. (Idaho, United States)
Car Model & Year: 1973 Dodge W200 Power Wagon
Bangin' In Every Way

Very high quality, and worth every penny (and more!)

First, the headlights came packaged very securely and had no damage or any signs of wear. The build quality is clearly very high, and the attention to detail is clearly evident.

The installation process is quite simple. The headlights are direct plug-and-play, with the exception of add-ons such as the halo or demon eye. In those cases, the wiring to install is quite simple, and won't take more than a few hours.

The only problem I ran into while installing the headlights was that the stock headlight buckets (1973 Dodge Power Wagon) were too shallow to accommodate the deeper Bangin' Headlights. The problem was easily solved by cutting away material from the back of the stock headlight bucket.

The change in night driving is like night and day. The stock, 49-year-old sealed beam halogens were barely enough to see about 20 feet in front of the truck. With the new headlights, I can see all the way down the street. The clean, crisp horizon line helps to not blind oncoming traffic, but the high beams illuminate much higher up when needed.

All in all, I cannot recommend these enough. Other 7" LED headlights I have seen either don't provide the same brightness, the same focus, or the same classic looks that are found with Bangin' Headlights.

Thank you Seth, that is a very nice review! We are so happy that you are happy with your Bangin Headlights.