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Bangin Headlights - Reviews

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Classic Car LED Headlight - 7" Inch Round - Pair (RHD)
R.B. (Western Australia, Australia)
Car Model & Year: 1970 Volvo 142
Absolutely incredible product.

I had some halos with demon eyes installed on my volvo 142 about 3 weeks ago now and not only do they look incredible has completely and dramatically improved the drive ability of my car during low light, can not recommend this product enough!

Car Model & Year: Mustang GT 1966

really perfect, and I love it so much, I validate! especially for a 1966 mustang. ++ ❤️

Thanks for the review Tom, the halos and headlights look great in your Mustang!

Bangin Headlights for the win

I recently had George install a set of his awesome lights in my 1970 Camaro. They are bloody brilliant. I was sceptical of changing the originality of my car but I am very please I made this modification.
Bangin Headlights are about 100% better than the stock and with the added extras you can have such as the indicator/daytime running lights and even the demon eye, it was just too good to pass up.
We needed to modify the original headlight buckets to fit the slightly larger rear part of the new light, but well worth the effort.
They definitely make driving at night so much better. And it hasn't changed the stock look of my car all that much. I will definitely be installing them in my future builds and when his new 5 & 1/2 inch version comes out will be putting that on my Harley too.
I like his product so much I even bought the T-shirt 😁
10 outta 10 and 5 star service. Bangin Headlights for the win.

Worlds best aftermarket light -not an over statement either!

I had seen Banginheadlights on insta and thought they looked fantastic. Price point for myself and budget was a bit on the high side but being a hand finished product and myself in manufacture can appreciate the cost involved.
Saying this I was still looking at £50 LED lights on eBay but kept coming back to Bangin and thank f*** I did!

Absolutely amazing lights, transformed my night driving and my daytime confidence knowing people can see my coming.
Any vehicle I own from now on will have these fitted GUARANTEED

I would mark them 10 stars if there was an option.

Bravo 👏

Thanks for such a wonderful review James!

Car Model & Year: 1965 Ford Mustang
Best Halos lights!

I don’t think any other company makes a quality headlight like these. I think my favorite feature is my daytime running lights. Everyone can see me coming down the street and even though I live in California these halls still stand out during the peek daytime. I just enjoy the overall build and brightness I get from these headlights makes me feel safe driving at night and it honestly feels as bright or brighter than my led on my 2019 Honda civic.

Bangin' Betty Shirt (Unisex)
Dave S. (New South Wales, Australia)
Bangin Betty shirt

Great quality t-shirt and quick delivery.

Car Model & Year: 1981 Z28
Resto- mod headlights

I like the look and brightness of the headlight, also the quality looks pretty good but only time will tell. Dislikes- I had to wait a long time to get the lights, about 10 days before they even shipped, also they are not 100% plug and play. I had to grind down the plastic tabs on the back to get them to fit and they sit much deeper so I had to cut the metal basket the light sits in. Maybe I was sent the wrong model, but I made it work, there are no instructions in case you need to modify the lights. The price was on the high side but I don’t mind paying more as long as I get a quality product.

Hey Jorge, thanks for your review. We are happy that you like the look, quality & brightness of our headlights! However, won't lie - we are disappointed that you feel our lights do not deserve 5 stars. As an aftermarket product designed for a wide range of cars there will be cases when the product won't fit like original, which is why we designed the tabs out of soft plastic for easy adjustability. We put videos showing how to do this on our socials and website. We are always here to help if you ever need it. Anyway, hope you enjoy driving at night a lot more with your Bangin Headlights!

Classic Car LED Headlight - 7" Inch Round - Pair (LHD)
Ian B. (Western Australia, Australia)
Car Model & Year: Ford f100 1954
Awesome lights

A chance meet at a car event with George from banging headlights. George showed me his headlights, the quality and the fact that they looked like the originals sold me. He used my vehicle to do an install video which gave me a free install got to be happy with that. George goes beyond just selling you his lights his customer support is outstanding. I will be more than happy to use banging headlights again

Classic Car LED Headlight - 7" Inch Round - Pair (LHD)
Nicole N. (Western Australia, Australia)
Car Model & Year: Jeep Wrangler 2011
Headlights for a Jeep Wrangler

Could not recommend Bangin Headlights highly enough! Excellent quality, over and above with service and such a unique look on the Wrangler! Plus being able to see the road clearly at night is a massive bonus!

Super Bright, heavy duty construction and very easy to install

I purchased the 7 blacked out lights for my 1954 Ford F100. I desperately needed better lighting for my ride but, I couldnt go for those cheesy plastic Amazon LEDs. Bangin lights are of the highest quality. Glass lenss are distinctively Classic! They are Super Bright, heavy duty construction and very easy to install. Truly a plug and play headlight.

I cannot adequately express the refreshing and responsive level of customer support afforded me. George is an extremely courteous, responsive and knowledgeable representative for Bangin Headlights.

I highly recommend these lights for your classic vehicle.
Happy Trails,

Car Model & Year: FORD MUSTANG 1966

High quality perfect product, excellent service and super fast no problem delivery !!!

Thanks Wojtek, the lights look great on your mustang and we are very happy to have shipped our first order to Poland!

Car Model & Year: -70 Mustang Mach 1
Great lights and service

The lights look even better in real than they do on pictures and George who i've had contact with have been super helpful, doing more service than he really need to do and genuinely nice to talk with.

Thank you for your very kind words Gustav! We love how our headlights look in your 70 Mustang.

Classic Car LED Headlight - 7" Inch Round - Pair (RHD)
Jordan M. (New South Wales, Australia)
Car Model & Year: 1975 VW Kombi
A much needed upgrade.

I was pleasantly surprised with my new classic LED headlights from Bangin' Headlights. Not only do we enjoy the look of their design but we can finally enjoy our night drives and feel safe to take our VW out at night.

Car Model & Year: 1966 Mustang GT 350 Fastback
Great Product

The lights were great quality.

Customizing the multi vehicle adapters to make it fit my car was a breeze.

Wiring the lights was easy.

The headlights are great and bright make the old halogens look real side. Demon eyes are fun and the multi color halos are going to be a hoot.

From ordering to installation everything has gone super well. Great quality. The glass lenses keep the factory original look.

Car Model & Year: Mustang 1967
Mad Max

Installed them easy to fit nice feeling and the Demons ❤️🫠

Classic Car LED Headlight - 7" Inch Round - Pair (RHD)
Graham M. (England, United Kingdom)
Car Model & Year: 1966 Ford Mustang GT
Evening drives just got better

Top class projection LEDs and retains the classic styling. Delivered across the globe to Scotland, UK. Perfect.

Car Model & Year: Vw Split Screen 1966
Does what it says on the Tin...

Very aptly named headlights...they really are Bangin' . Very prompt postage. Quality really is excellent and boy do they look good.

Bangin' Chest Logo Shirt (Unisex)
Caleb J. (Western Australia, Australia)
Wicked shirt!

Great gear from Bangin Headlights! Highly recommend, I've had mine for a while now and you can tell that they're made to last

Bangin' Betty Shirt (Unisex)
Zeb C. (Minnesota, United States)
Great T-Shirt

Always a fan of a good quality T-shirt good quality soft and a Bangin logo to boot 😎

Amazing headlights with attitude

These are very high quality, well built that look incredible and have an attitude should you choose a Demon Eye option. Very bright and look great!
Communication also is super fast.
I’m extremely happy with these!!!


Awesome looking lights!!! Glass cover and an awesome projector LED light!!! All around great looking light and excellent build quality!

Classic Car LED Headlight - 7" Inch Round - Pair (LHD) (California, United States)
Car Model & Year: 1965 Mustang
Best of the Best

I’ve been following Bangin Headlights since it was just an idea on paper. The end product did not disappoint. These headlights arrived and the quality was evident right out of the box. Wiring was easy and fairly straightforward. These headlights are the last set you will ever need for your classic!

Car Model & Year: Mustang 1967 Coupe
Amazing Quality and Service

I received my headlights and I was surprised how well built there are, they look like OEM units, superb quality. George was very communicative and super helpful. I am looking forward to installing these soon!

Classic Car LED Headlight - 7" Inch Round - Pair (LHD)
Detroit H.M. (Gauteng, South Africa)
Car Model & Year: AC Cobra
Cobra With Sexy Eyes

Thank you George for such an amazing product and awesome customer service 👌💯.

These headlights make driving the Cobra at night such a pleasure… it’s almost like comparing daylight against what seemed like candle light produced by the previous halogens.

I love the selected Demon Eye option with its beautiful chrome sunburst shroud design which gives these lights a totally unique look. The quality,craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service from George certainly made this second order before even my initial order a worthwhile buy.

Car Model & Year: 1965 Mustang Coupe
High Quality (chrome headlight )

Seeing these headlights online looks great but picking them up in person you immediately notice the high quality. The packaging is very sturdy and arrived in perfect condition. The custom glass lenses are heavy duty and nearly an exact replica of the original bulbs. Easy installation and George is always available for any questions along the way he’s amazing to work with great customer service! Finally as soon as you get these headlights installed and go for your first night drive you will forget your driving a classic car the way these headlights cut through the night with the projector beam. Comparison photo below against my garage door.