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Bangin Headlights - Reviews

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Traditional 7" Inch LED Headlight
N.L. (Western Australia, Australia)
Awesome upgrade

Awesome upgrade over originals or H4 conversions! Placed an order and received within a couple of days, easy installation and up and running in 15 minutes. Fits straight in to Ford headlight buckets and still gives the classic look.

Thanks for your review Nick!

Pair - Restomod 7" Inch LED Headlight (LHD)
Dylan C. (California, United States)
Car Model & Year: 1969 Chevrolet Nova
The nicest aftermarket lights I’ve ever installed.

When it comes to aftermarket lights there are so many options out there ranging from expensive to cheap. When you start really digging in and doing research you find many of them to be the same, or similar designs that copy each other and are rebranded and made even cheaper than the last company.

That being said I left my lights stock, just replacing the bulbs and calling it a day for the longest time. Nearly everything else in and on my car has been replaced besides the headlights because finding the right balance of modern muscle car look that doesn’t look out of place on a 50+ year old car is easier said that done.

Then I was introduced to the bangin headlight resto mod style headlight and I can finally say I found something worth putting on my car. I was definitely skeptical at first until I got to see the lights in hand and up close. Total game changer, the quality is absolutely incredible, there is lots of thought and care put into the design. The craftsmanship is better than what you would expect to find OEM in a modern car today. It’s easy to see they are NOT aanother Chinese knock off LED, these are heavy duty, solid components, and made with pride, there are no corners cut at all. I would buy these 10/10 times and never look back. If you have been waiting for the right light for your project or build these are them.

Thanks for such an awesome review Dylan!

Pair - Restomod 7" Inch LED Headlight (LHD)
Patrick S. (Indiana, United States)
Car Model & Year: 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback
I love these lights and company!

George (owner of Bangin Headlights) has customer service impossible to beat! These lights are high quality and I get compliments on them even though I've only had them in the car for a week. They were easy to install and weight quite a bit more than the stock ones and feel like they are worth every penny! I would definitely buy these again. I love that the turn signal automatically changes the halo to amber and blinks with the signal.

Thanks so much for your awesome review Patrick!

Fender Protector
James D. (California, United States)
Always great

I love this company, I love representing them. This order was just a shirt and a fender protector but it’s perfect as always.

Thanks so much James, you rock!!

Pair - Restomod 7" Inch LED Headlight (RHD)
Tim E. (South Australia, Australia)
Car Model & Year: 1966 Mustang
Great update

Arrived super quick and install was straight-forward, just had to trim the locators. Much better light than the H4s I was running before. Great to deal with a Aussie small business that cares.

Cheers Tim! Your 66 Mustang's looking great with our headlights.

Pair - Restomod 7" Inch LED Headlight (LHD)
Tanner (Minnesota, United States)
Top notch quality

Direct fit, plug and play for a NA Miata.

I hated driving my Miata at night. The halogen output was awful. I was blown away when I compared with one in each assembly.

Build quality and engineering is phenomenal. Shipped out and arrived from across the globe in record time. I was initially worried because only one arrived, thinking I had mistakenly ordered one instead of a pair. I reached out and was met with a reply almost instantly. I then realized it was marked box 1 of 2. My mistake, but their response time was a breath of fresh air compared to others in the industry.

10/10 will be sending all my friends here to upgrade.

Thanks for the awesome review Tanner, so happy to see our headlights in your Miata!

Cannot recommend these enough!

The quality in these lights is insanely good.
I went with 7” black and smoked halos, red demon eye.
All the features exceeded my expectations and the price was very reasonable.
Cannot recommend these enough!
If you have any questions just send him a message, he was so helpful and I have no regrets

Bangin' Betty Shirt (Unisex)
GONZO A. (Hawaii, United States)

Shirt came in 2 days! Quality is great. True to size. Didn’t shrink in wash. Love these guys

Pair - Restomod 7" Inch LED Headlight (RHD)
Terry M. (Western Australia, Australia)
Car Model & Year: MGA Coupe 1956
MGA Coupe

Fantastic service from a local company. And the quality is 1st class.

Thanks so much Terry, look forward to seeing your car on the streets of Perth.

Amazing products, and I don’t think there’s anything else on the market that can compete

These things are absolutely killer. It’s insane how bright you were able to get both the halos and headlights. Amazing quality too, I have not had a single issue, and I drive this almost every night now.

Pair - Restomod 7" Inch LED Headlight (RHD)
Jazz W. (Western Australia, Australia)
Car Model & Year: 1968 mustang coupe
1968 Mustang headlights

Awesome service
great lights
Easy to fit

Thanks so much Jazz!! Hope you are enjoying the night drives a whole lot more now.

Car Model & Year: 1964 Ford Mustang
Bangin 64 Mustang

Amazing lights, look great, keep the original look but modern projection, can finally drive at night. They bring another talking point about the car when out cruising. George has created an amazing product

Cheers Scott!!

Pair - Restomod 7" Inch LED Headlight (RHD)
Paul G. (Western Australia, Australia)
Car Model & Year: 65 Mustang coupe

Fantastic service from George, quality product with outstanding performance. Highly recommended

Thanks Paul, we are very happy to see our headlights in a Mustang as cool as yours!

Pair - Restomod 7" Inch LED Headlight (LHD)
LUIS G.M. (Mexico City, Mexico)
Car Model & Year: Mustang 66

Pair - 7" Inch Classic Car LED Headlight (LHD)

Pair - Restomod 7" Inch LED Headlight (LHD)
Justin S. (Mississippi, United States)
Car Model & Year: 1972 Plymouth Valiant
The best headlight I’ve ever owned!

I absolutely LOVE my Bangin’ Headlights! The quality of the product is absolutely top tier! The customer service is unmatched! There was even a hand written thank you note in my package from the founder!

The halo is extremely bright and very crisp! The projector beam itself lights up the road as good as a brand new vehicles lights!

I have had the “generic eBay 7” halo projector light” and they are not even in the same ballpark as these Bangin Headlights!

I absolutely couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

Thanks so much Justin for the awesome review as well as all the photos, and all the best for Hot Rod Power Tour!!

‘Retro-Bright: Bangin Headlights’ LED Revolution for ‘65 Mustang’

As a car enthusiast and proud owner of a 65 Mustang Coupe, I can confidently say that the Bangin Headlights LED lights are a game changer. Not only did they upgrade the look of my ride, but the improved visibility during night-time drives is remarkable. Easy to fit and worth every penny, these lights have transformed my driving experience while retaining that essential retro vibe. If you’re still cruising in the dark with stock lights, these are a must-have upgrade!

Pair - Restomod 7" Inch LED Headlight (LHD)
Jerry S. (Mississippi, United States)
Car Model & Year: 1968 Ford Mustang
AMAZING Halo Headlights

These 7” halo switchback headlights are EASILY the best halos on the market. Super easy to install, easy to wire and the best part is its easy to see at night now!

Thanks for your review Jerry, the lights look great in your Mustang!! It always makes us happy when the lights are really helpful to guys who daily drive their classics or drive their car at night often.

Pair - Restomod 7" Inch LED Headlight (LHD)
O.R. (England, United Kingdom)
Car Model & Year: 1968 mustang
Best upgrade so far!

These headlights are simply brilliant. Before having these lights on my 68mustang I wouldn't drive me car in the dark, now It's the best time to enjoy it. Old school looks with modern brightness. Nothing else like it on the market.

Thanks Oliver, enjoy the night drives!!

Pair - Restomod 7" Inch LED Headlight (LHD)
Edgar A. (California, United States)
Car Model & Year: 1976 Datsun 280z
Best lights in the market

I considered on replacing my headlights to daily drive the Datsun since I first purchased the car .I looked at my options and was hesitant in which lights to get. Until I found your Instagram page. I knew I stumbled on a great product. I ordered them, and was impressed. They are the best lights in the market. I appreciate the care and attention to detail that was put in the making of these lights. From the moment they arrived and opened my package. You can tell they put in a lot of love and passion into making them. I love the fact that they are sealed beam and glass. Unlike other headlights made of plastic tend to yellow down the road. They’re bright and great quality. They look outstanding. I love my headlights! It makes daily driving my Datsun a lot easier. I’m definitely buying more headlights down the road.

Outstanding work George!

Best regards

Thanks so much for your review Edgar, we love the headlights in your Datsun!

Pair - Restomod 7" Inch LED Headlight (RHD)
Gray B. (New South Wales, Australia)
Car Model & Year: 1966 Mustang
Best upgrade by far!

I drive my 66 coupe everywhere, it’s my daily.
I wasn’t sure about changing out the stock headlights at first, but I’m so glad I did!

Not only are they gorgeous, but I’ve never felt more visible.
Using the halos as daytime running lights, and the indicators are amazing.
Throw in the demon eye for a little custom flare and these headlights cannot be beat.

I cannot get over the build quality either. So much better than I was expecting. Also worth mentioning the decrease current draw on these aging electrical systems. Always a win.

Great work George.
Amazing product.

Thanks so much Gray, we're happy that you're happy!

Pair - Restomod 7" Inch LED Headlight (LHD)
T.P. (New Mexico, United States)
Car Model & Year: 1966 Mustang

These are bangin' LED headlights! Went with the black, love em! Nice and bright! They plugged right into the stock connector. The plastic nubs to keep them in place needed to be trimmed so they were smaller and not so deep, and my chrome rings were really snug getting back on, but it's all good! They work and look great!

Thanks Todd, love the black headlights in you Mustang!

Pair - Restomod 7" Inch LED Headlight (LHD)
Todd B. (Illinois, United States)
Car Model & Year: 1970 Camaro
Very pleased

I want to express my pleasure. The product seems to be of the highest quality, the headlamps look great installed even when not illuminated. I am extremely excited to drive into cruise nights with Demon lights illuminated they look so cool.
Thank you for the well built product that was extremely user friendly.

Thank you Todd!! Your Camaro looks mint, we have just shared your photo to our socials.

Pair - Restomod 7" Inch LED Headlight (RHD)
Craig B. (Western Australia, Australia)
Car Model & Year: 1923 Ford Model-T Hotrod
Reccomended these RGB lights and the customer service was Fantastic

Thanks Bangin headlights for these awesome lights on my 1923 Hotrod. Not only are the lights much brighter but going to car shows has never been better being able to change the colours of the lights as we arrive people love it. Have had many comments on these lights. I highly Reccomended these lights and the customer service was Fantastic.

Thanks again


Pair - Restomod 7" Inch LED Headlight (LHD)
Cato O. (Oslo County, Norway)
Car Model & Year: 1939 Chevy coupe, Caddilac Northstar 4,6L 32V
they look realy good

i have just got them in to the shop, so i have not mount them in the car yet.

Thanks Cato!

Great Shirt for Car Shows

Love the shirt

Thanks Larry for taking the time to write a review!