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Headlights Features

Our headlights are full of features that have never been seen before on classic car headlights. Some features are functional, and some are stylistic. We don't know where to begin, but here are somethings we think you will like:

Bright LED Lights

The main purpose of your headlights is to light up the road ahead of you and we have done our best to give you the ultimate lighting possible.

The above photo compares our headlight (left) to your stock halogen headlight (right)

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Classic Stock Looks

Our headlight is a faithful recreation of your stock sealed-beam halogen.

The same curved lens, familiar "fresnel" pattern etched on real glass and even casting marks from the original moulds.

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Customizable Options

We all want to personalize our whips and stand out from the crowd.

You will wanna check out our options - halos, integrated indicators, demon eyes, blacked-out headlights, options for miles...

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Halos & Indicators

Our standard halo can be run as a daytime running light with an integrated indicator.

This is an excellent safety upgrade for your priceless vintage car.

Plug & Play

Unplug your existing headlight & plug in your brand spanking new Bangin' Headlight.

Our H4 plug makes it that simple.

No relays, ballasts or clunky huge driver modules.

Designed to Fit

Our unique adjustable alignment tabs mean you will never again have crooked headlights or lights that don't fit your car at all.