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Classic Looks

Your classic car's looks are probably very important to you. To preserve those looks while improving your lighting, we designed Bangin Headlights to look as stock as possible.

Classic Looking Black & Chrome 7 in round sealed beam LED Bangin Headlight. LED headlights the look like halogens and suit vintage mustang and Ford

Say No to Crappy Jeep Headlights for your Classic!

why do our lights look so good on classic cars?

Real Glass

Most modern headlights are made of plastic. Cheap horrible plastic that will eventually dull and get hazy. Don't put that sh*t on you car!

Stay classy, get glassy!

Our glass also features raised lettering in the right places recreating the look and feel of that old school H4 Halogen sealed beam.

Curved Profile

Look at your stock sealed beam halogen. You will find the glass has a curved profile. We have gone for the exact same look.

Not only is it true to the original design, but there is something just so beautiful about it!

We have also incorporated original features like the fresnel pattern etched into the glass.

Warm White Lighting

The biggest drawback with other LED headlights is their cool white (almost blue) color. This looks good on a new Audi, but really detracts from the look of your '69 Chevy Nova.

We have opted for a warmer white color (4300K). You can still tell the headlights are modern but the color is closer to halogen than other LED headlights.

Attention to Detail

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Customizable Options

We all want to personalize our whips and stand out from the crowd.

You will wanna check out our options - halos, integrated indicators, demon eyes, blacked-out headlights, options for miles...

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Bright Lighting

The main purpose of your headlights is to light up the road ahead of you and we have done our best to give you the ultimate lighting possible.

The above photo compares our headlight (left) to your stock halogen headlight (right)

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Will Bangin' Headlights fit your car, do they come with halos, do you need to modify your wiring, will they help you see through brick walls???

All your frequently asked questions are answered right here!

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